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This is a blog about sophisticated drinking, because alcohol doesn't have to be a poison, it can be a medicine for the soul.

Shawn, 22. Currently studying foreign language at university in China. Researching about cocktails is one of my passions, and I hope this blog can introduce others to the true way of imbibing. Every drink on this page is mixed, tasted and photographed by me.

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Maui Sunrise
Pineapple Juice - 5 oz
Guava Juice - 5 oz
Papaya Juice - 5 oz
Honey - 2 tsp
Heat honey until liquefied. Blend everything with no ice first. Add 3 cups crushed and blend for a few more seconds.
From the Mai Kai restaurant, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, circa 1960s. In his book Intoxica!, Beachbum specifically pointed out that this is not meant to be a frozen drink, and blending such a large amount of ice for a long time is going to give it a smoothie texture. Leave the ice till last, and you will have a drink with a nice pineapple froth mixed with ice shards, floating on top of the fruit medley.
The drink is meant for 4 servings, adjust the ratio to your liking. I’d prefer drinking it without a straw, partly because the shards will clog up the straw, plus why not taste the foam when you can?
  • 22 June 2013
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