Elixir for the Soul

This is a blog about sophisticated drinking, because alcohol doesn't have to be a poison, it can be a medicine for the soul.

Shawn, 22. Currently studying foreign language at university in China. Researching about cocktails is one of my passions, and I hope this blog can introduce others to the true way of imbibing. Every drink on this page is mixed, tasted and photographed by me.

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Añejo Highball
Añejo Rum - 1 1/2 oz
Orange Curaçao - 1/2 oz
Lime Juice - 1/4 oz
Angostura Bitters - 2 dashes
Ginger Beer - top up
Build in a highball glass and fill with ginger beer. Garnish with a lime wheel and orange slice.
A masterpiece by Dale DeGroff, based on the Dark & Stormy (dark rum, lime juice and ginger ale), which also belongs to a type of drinks called Bucks (spirit, citrus juice and ginger ale). If you think the common Bucks are too simple, then this drink should please you.
According to his book, Dale created this drink as a tribute to the Cuban bartenders, therefore in this case, I’m gonna use the Havana Club 7 year old añejo rum (añejo means “aged”). The orange curaçao adds some depth to the simple original, and bitters combines all the flavours together and complicates it even further. You get a strong citrus spiciness at first, and finishing it with a lovely orange caramel tone.
  • 21 September 2012
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